Drive revenue, reduce costs and put cards in customers’ hands – no matter where they are.


 Datacard Group has provided government identification solutions for over 350 projects in more than 95 countries.



Employee badges help create a secure environment, streamline business processes and improve the efficiency of your organization.





Healthcare ID cards can help you reduce costs and build patient loyalty by enabling personalized member services and safe, convenient access to hospitals and clinics.


Reduce costs, adapt to new technologies and stay competitive in a rapidly expanding telecommunications market.








The best value in schools, colleges and universities utilize secure ID card systems to protect your students, staff and budget.

Credit & Debit cards

Issue new and replacement credit and debit cards, smart cards/EMV cards, co-branded cards, and affinity cards quickly, affordably and securely.

Travel IDs & Passports

 Passports, e-passports and e-visas are critical lines of defense against illegal immigration, crime, terrorism and other international threats.


National IDs

Governments must issue highly secure national ID cards to effectively minimize identity theft, manage immigration and maintain accurate civil registry data.

Gift and Prepaid Cards

Attract more customers and revenue with creative, secure and memorable plastic gift cards and prepaid cards.

Mobile Issuance

Take advantage of using mobile phones or other non-card form factors as payment devices




We provide to our customers best in class RFID readers, cards, tags and solutions.


Advanced technologies for all the self-service printing needs.


Lake Image Systems is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of imaging and scanning technologies for the worlds printing, mailing and labelling industries.


SIRIUS HELLAS support services are delivered by seasoned experts who help ensure that you receive fast, responsive technical support.

After you implement our solution — for card issuance, passport issuance, print finishing, card delivery or desktop card issuance — support services provide the professional technical help required to resolve any issue and alleviate any problem, quickly and efficiently.

Depending on your specific system, support services may include regularly scheduled maintenance, phone support, on-site assistance, on-call help, software maintenance agreements or depot repair. Of course, customizable options are available for contract customers, selfmaintainers and everyone in between.

Our support services team includes highly skilled, well-trained technicians who are extremely familiar with our systems and software. They are well-versed in all manners of maintenance, issue detection and resolution. Most important, they can leverage their experience with other environments to help ensure your system delivers maximum uptime and outstanding results.

On-Call Contract Services
With On-Call Contract Service, you can call the Datacard Global Services team in the event of any emergency and receive a swift, expert response that restores your system as quickly as possible.

On-site Contract Services
With On-site Contract Service, your organization enjoys all the advantages of on-call services, as well as Datacard Group customer engineer(s) who report and reside on-site at your facility.

Software Maintenance Agreements
Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) are designed to maximize your investment in Datacard® software products by helping to ensure you are working with the most advanced, robust version of any software package, as well as, enabling you to receive unlimited telephone and online technical support.

Depot Repair Services
Depot Repair Services offer an easy, cost-effective way to address issues with desktop card printers, image capture devices and other equipment that cannot be resolved through technical phone support.

Customizable Support Options

Every customer environment is different, so Sirius Hellas Services offers a wide range of customizable support options.

These include:

• Preventive maintenance site visits

• Specified number of emergency maintenance calls per quarter

• Operator and administrator certification training

• Refresher or customized training

• Parts and supplies management

• Technical support (online and by phone)

Smart Card Testing & Analysis Tools




Focus on serving the needs of the Smart Card World.

Card Accessories & Badges




All about card accessories.

Special RFID Wristbands & tags

RFID Wristbands and Tags for every use. 







SIRIUS HELLAS is committed to quality! 

We provide our customers with any type of high quality plastic card at a fair and competitive market price. 

Our mission is to “exceed” customer expectations offering “The best plastic card at the best possible price”.

We provide blank or pre-printed plastic card for any application – RFID, magnetic stripe, smart card, EMV card.

Our customers benefit from our complete support to printing and personalizing their cards.  

Contact us to discuss and find the best solution for your every plastic card requirement and need.

Instantly Improve Your Financial Card Program

If you are looking to enhance your card program and implement a business model that differentiates you from your competition, helps you gain and retain cardholders, and advances your portfolio of products and services, instant issuance is right for you.

Instant issuance of financial cards eliminates the wait time it takes for cardholders to receive their payments cards in the mail – which can take up to two weeks. Cardholders leave the branch with their permanent, fully functional, personalized card that is activated and ready for use. No third party production and mailing costs are needed and the risks of sending cards and PINs through the mail are eliminated.

Instant issuance and activation is part of Datacard Group’s Secure Issuance Anywhere™ infrastructure which includes scalable, flexible hardware, software, supplies, consultation and project management for any card issuance or personalization environment. Card programs can include instant issuance of embossed or un-embossed cards; magnetic stripe cards, contact and contactless cards, as well as EMV® -compliant personalization applications.


Maximize Cardholder Convenience

Issue and activate permanent cards for immediate use

Provide instant purchasing power

Issue new cards or emergency card replacements in branch

Offer a choice of card designs

Educate the cardholder


Optimize Card Programs

Attract new cardholders

Increase card usage and activation rates

Gain loyalty and top-of-wallet placement

Reduce paper and mailing costs

Cross-sell other products and services


Strengthen Program Security

Ensure secure data transfer

Reduce risk of cards lost or stolen in the mail

Centralize control of data preparation and card issuance management

Allow customers to select their own PINs